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 The  Gehrich Gang is a criminal organization led by Gehrich, who was once one of Haschel's students 20 years in the past, but was expelled. The Gehrich Gang is specifically known for terrorizing and stealing from the citizens of Tiberoa. Some of them are specialized in the Rouge Style, which is Haschel's own. One member of the gang, Mappi, is responsible for stealing Dart's Dragoon Spirit in the Barrens. The Gehrich Gang is found in Home of Gigantos during the second disc of the game.


Dart and his friends arrive in Tiberoa pursuing Lloyd, which headed in this direction after the events of the first disc. The party finds out that one of the princesses of Tiberoa, an almost 20 years old woman called Emille, has been acting strange for six months, being rude and bad to everyone around her.

After seeing that Lloyd wasn't in the city of Fletz, they try to search him in the flower city Donau. However, while passing through the Barrens, they are approached by Mappi and two bandits who try to rob their things. After the party fighting and defeating them, Mappi fakes a request of mercy and steal the Red-Eyed Dragoon Spirit from a distracted Dart.

Attenmpting to get back the Dragoon Spirit and also save the son of the mayor of Donau, Lynn, the party heads to the Valley of Corrupted Gravity, a place that was once the stage of a struggle between dragoons and winglies. Because of this, the place has its properties distorted. The group finds a Virage and defeats it, making their way toward the Home of Gigantos, the hideout of the Gehrich Gang.

The Gehrich Gang threats the continent of Tiberoa by filling it with bandits. Also, they put one of their members, Lenus, in the place of Princess Emille, in an attempt to steal the royal treasure of Tiberoa, the Moon Dagger, during the Coming of Age ceremony.


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