Location Element
Home of Gigantos Earth
2000 5000 200
Attack Defense Counter
51 120 {{{Cntr}}}
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
36 100 50
Item dropped
Soul Headband

Gehrich is the leader of the Gehrich Gang that occupied the country of Tiberoa shortly before the end of the Serdian War.


He was once Haschel's student, but was kicked out of Rouge twenty years ago for being too lazy. Following him to the Home of Gigantos, which he has turned into a base for his band of thieves, the party fight him inside the main hall. After the fight, Princess Emille's uncharacteristically rude behavior is explained by Gehrich's revelation: the real princess has been kidnapped, replaced by Lenus. He dies shortly after telling the party the truth and is entombed by Haschel, at which point Dart regains the Red-eyed Dragoon Spirit and the party may continue the storyline in Fletz.


Gehrich is not a very fast fighter, but his attacks are fairly strong, a couple of Angel's Prayers are necessary. The attacks he use are listed below.

  • Attack: Gehrich slashes a party member with his knife
  • Triple Kick: Gehrich kick's a party member three times, with the final kick slamming them to the ground
  • Double Team: Mappi and Gehrich team up on a party member*

* Gehrich will only use this if Mappi is still alive, if he is dead he can't use it.

Character Specific StrategyEdit

Note: Miranda, Lavitz and Kongol are included just in case you are using a GameShark or another cheating device to hack them back in your party

  • Dart: Just use additions and heal when necessary.
  • Rose: Have her use additions and heal every now and then.
  • Haschel: Just have him use additions or have him use dragoon magic as Gherich is weak to magic.
  • Meru: Have her attack, defend, heal and use magic items.
  • Kongol: Just like Haschel have him use only additions, he has no other purpose.

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