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Fueno is a town found in Tiberoa. Its main attractions are the hot spring baths and a harbor big enough for the Queen Fury. Unlike Deningrad, Fueno has hot weather. Fueno is located at the center of Illisa Bay. Fueno shares some similarities to Lohan in Serdio, because like Lohan, it also houses a lot of Tiberoan merchants around the dock. Like Lidiera, Fueno is the only location on the island.


Queen Fury's DockEdit

Besides Donau and Furni, Fueno also has a dock. For routes around Illisa Bay see this part for Donau.


Chapter 2: Platinum ShadowEdit

Death of a Sea DragonEdit

After Rose and Dart went missing in the ocean from the Phantom Ship, Albert, Haschel, Meru, Kongol and Shana kept on by traveling to Fueno. The five stayed at the nearest hotel until Rose and Dart suddenly showed up.

Fueno with Teo

Arriving at Fueno with Teo

After Pete begged Rose and Dart to bring him and his mother to Fueno so that Pete's mother can be treated at the clinic there, they accepted his request. The duo took Pete and his mother from Lidiera through the monsters-prone Undersea Cavern before reaching Fueno. After Pete's mother went to the clinic, Pete teased Rose about her having a crush with Dart, which Rose later made an angry gesture to scare him away.

Walking along the merc
Friends reunited

Friends reunited

hants' stalls after asking Kayla about the location of the five, Dart bumped into Meru who scolded him of being blind. Realizing that the two persons were the long lost Rose and Dart, Meru rejoiced and took them to the hotel. While sitting in front of the bar, Dart was knocked black by the naughty Meru. Opening his eyes after a short unconsciousness, Dart was surprised to see Albert, Haschel and Kongol again without the presence of Shana. Dart told the the group about his journey from Lidiera after falling from Phantom Ship. His friends, especially Haschel speculated that something may have happened between Rose and Dart, which once again blew Rose off. Dart then went upstairs to comfort the woebegone Shana, which they hugged before the perky Meru broke their romantic silence. The group then decided to move on with their quest.

Fueno Dart and Shana

Dart and Shana have a romantic moment after their long separation

While walking around Fueno, the group saw a drunken fellow named Drippy lying around the ground. When they asked the man he wailed about a Sea Dragon near the Undersea Cavern that destroyed his home. The same talk happened to Commodore Puler who said Sea Dragon attacked the ships nearby and scared all the merchants away. The group then decided to get rid of the Sea Dragon, which Pete once guessed that it lived at north of Undersea Cavern. The group had to move on to Lidiera so that they can convince the mayor to unflood the path to the rest of Undersea Cavern.


Items Price
Healing Potion 10G
Healing Breeze 50G
Sun Rhapsody 50G
Angel's Prayer 30G
Mind Purifier 20G
Charm Potion 4G
Burn Out 10G
Gushing Magma 20G
Weapons Price
Falchion 250g
Bemusing Arrow 250g
Morning Star 250g
Plate Mail (Male) 200g
Sparkle Dress (Female) 200g
Knight Helm (Male) 150g


Search the alcove below the stairs inside the inn. Reunion-002
Examine the painting inside the clinic. Fueno stardust 2



  • All the three cities Fletz, Fueno and Donau in Tiberoa are seaside cities with a dock for Queen Fury.
  • After reuniting with the party, Dart can revisit Teo and his mother again at the clinic and chat with him. At some point, Teo will ask "What do you mean you have a hard time when you have a lots of pretty girl around you?" Dart can reply "It is because ... Jealousy" , "...Sometimes it's scary" or "... Sometimes it's annoying." After Dart said any of this, he will get a funny reaction from Shana, Rose and Meru respectively.

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