Fort Magrad is a location of which can be located within Snowfield, on the third disc of The Legend of Dragoon

Fort Magrad

Fort Magrad entrance


This fort is now but standing ruins completely and eternally frozen over. Many large stone structures, infact the whole fort was built by the humans from the liberation during the Dragon Campaign. Assumably, this fort was to protect Vellweb as some sort of second line of defence. Now uninhabited by people, wild animals and creatures have taken to the area as a home. There are still malevolent spirits that reside deep within this location. It's former glory has forever been lost.



11,000 years ago the leader of the Dragon Campaign, emperor Diaz, declared war upon the Winglies with "tens of thousands" of soldiers and the seven dragoons at this very location. Here you get to experience a flashback from Rose of the freedom speech delivered by Diaz by the liberation army, and another about the wedding her and Zieg had planned after the war and the support of Diaz.

Chapter 3: Fate and SoulEdit

This location is optional and to some players, easily missable. You must traverse Snowfield on your journey towards Vellweb, however, you must take the left towards the sign rather than north to the exit. Once you approach the side of the cliff near the sign you will slip and end up falling off the screen. From here, you will fall down a series of slopes with a or multiple chests on each. You can press X to stop on each one and collect the rewards or just slide all the way down. Once down, you will notice an immediate stairway from which you can use to return above the cliff. A pass is visible in the distance with ruins occupying the area. Beside where you land is a large plate written in the languages of Human, Wingly, Giganto, and possibly others too, this commences a small dialogue sequence.

Meru attempts to read the old Wingly writtings, however, fails to understand. And so Dart asks Rose if she can understand any of it. She explains what is said, and tells them about the Law city of Zenebatos. After her explanation, she suggests returning above quickly since they don't have time. If you continue to proceed, it will show Dart standing beside Rose while Meru runs ahead and plays in the snow. Rose continues to persist on leaving, but Dart insists they stay just a little because Meru is having fun, then gets hit in the face by a snowball courtesy of Meru. If you continue to the point where you can see the arena from the hill top, Rose will have a small flashback of Emperor Diaz down there rallying the tens of thousands of troops for the Dragon Campaign. She then urges them to leave since they have no buisness there.

Upon entering the arena, Rose walks towards the statue of Emperor Diaz and kneels before it, having a flashback. Rose was speaking with Zieg and Diaz, specifically about how after the war of liberation they would marry and be together eternally. Diaz then alerts them that they may not return alive, however, that didn't waver Zieg's spirit towards doing so, and as a result, Diaz stated that he would then idealise their future. As she stays kneeling there, Dart makes a comment towards her of how sometimes he wonders if she is the Rose he knew, due to her rarely showing a soft side openly. Rose then stands up after stating she is just herself, and a sword that had been pierced into the statue of Diaz had flown out from it and hovered above the ground in front of them. Unsurprised, Rose states how the spirits of those who died long ago have awakened due to their dragoon presence, and how she expects no less than for them to have high resentment towards her. This now triggers an optional yet difficult boss fight with Polter Armor.



Situated in the furthest reaches of this area is an obtional boss known as Polter Armor. This boss is very difficult and can even kill the player in a turn or two if unlucky. It is comprised of three parts: Polter sword, Polter Helm, and Polter armor. The Polter Spirit that is contained within this set of armor is the malice and rancor of those humans who died during the Dragon Campaign, all into a single spirit. Polter Armor is a Darkness based enemy composed of three parts, each with their own Hit Points and special attacks: Polter Helm (Command and Magic Block), Polter Armor (Dark and Light magic), and Polter Sword (damage/Can't Combat) attacks.

Prize: Soul Eater and Armor of Yore

Random encounterEdit

The random encounter enemies found here are all the same from Snowfield.


Item Location
Panic Bell
Panic Bell Chest
Poison Needle
Poison Needle Chest
Midnight Terror
Midnight Terror Chest
Stunning Hammer
Stunning Hammer Chest
Armor of Yore
Armor of Yore Chest


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