Forest Runner
Forest Runner
Location Element
Evergreen Forest Wind
US 360
JAP 450
88 US 30
JAP 10
Attack Defense Counter
50 80 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
50 120 80
Item dropped
Recovery Ball (8%)

Forest Runner is a wind-element based monster of which is located within Evergreen Forest


This bird type monster, Forest Runner, highly resembles a peacock with its colorful feathers and body structure. It has two quite long red legs and red talons. Upon each talon are purple claws. This monsters red beak is the longest part of its body, and it curves downwards slightly. The three colors occupying its feathers consist of: Red, Green, and Yellow, respectively.


Against this monster, magical attacks are far less affective than physical attacks so try to use melee to down this creature unless you have earth-element spell items and want to utilize its elemental weakness. Its damage is nothing shy from standard at this point although the Status Ailments can get annoying, however, considering the time it will take to kill this creature, it shouldn't be enough to draw upon a negative outcome of the battle. Dispirit can be very frustrating for players trying to train their Additions, so be sure to bring at least a Body Purifier with you for situations as such or simply use Dragoon form if need be.

  • Attack - Lunges towards a single opponent, pecking them for medium physical damage.
  • Menacing - Casts a spell dealing medium magical damage towards a single opponent and inflicting Dispirit with a given probability upon hit.
  • Wooing - Casts a spell dealing medium magical damage towards a single opponent and inflicting Bewitchment with a given probability upon hit

Do note, this creature has a high evasion rate and will evade your attacks quite often.

Encounter rate: Common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Forest Runner.

  • Forest Runner
  • Forest Runner + Dark Elf
  • Forest Runner + Flying Rat
  • Forest Runner x2 + Moss Dresser


Forest Runner can drop the spell item Recovery Ball with a rare probability of 8%. The item in general isn't that great in situations that demand the attention of your healing items since it randomly choses one of the many healing items. You now can buy Healing Fogs as of the start of this third disc, and the Healing Breeze variants are still greatly important also. The chance of getting a Healing Rain out from one of these is completly random, as an example, even if you had 10 Recovery Ball items you might only receive just Healing Potions, or if you are in need of a Healing Breeze and only receive a Healing Fog, so you may as well buy your healing items accordingly rather than to rely on the hope of you getting the lucky potion to save you. Still okay to have, infact you may enjoy them and use them frequently. These take on average 15 minutes or more to obtain. As always, this varies per person.


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