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Fletz is the capital city of Tiberoa, which the group enters at the beginning of Disc 2. At the beginning of "Chapter 2: The Platinum Shadow", Lloyd can be seen at the entrance to the city. Star craftings and symbols can be seen all over the place. Citizens of Fletz worship stars. The Twin Castle is located here.


Chapter 2: The Platinum ShadowEdit

First VisitEdit

LOD Fake Emille maligning

Princess Emille being rude

After defeating Emperor Doel in Kazas, the group vows to chase after Lloyd , who was the mastermind of the whole plot to take the Moon gem from King Albert and killed Lavitz Slambert . The group decides to leave Serdio and begin the search in Tiberoa as instructed by Albert's uncle, Doel. They arrive at the first city, Fletz the capital city of Tiberoa. The group head up to the entrance base of Twin Castle and see Princess Emille behaving rudely and maliciously to the crowd after walking down from the castle. She mistreats a pregnant mother who wanted her to name her unborn child. Albert was astonished that despite her beautiful looks, Princess Emille didn't act like a princess. After chatting with Kaffi the home cafe's waitress, they learn more that there is an astronomer that knows more about the Black Monster, also known as the "Black Whachamacalleet" and the Moon That Never Sets. They then wait in the café for a night. The group later goes to the house of the astronmer, Mr. Fester. From the words of Mr. Fester, they learn more about the Moon That Never Sets and the cause of its existence. In addition to being the royal astronomer, Fester is Princess Lisa's governor, and after speaking with him, he has to leave for his lessons with her. The group decides to rest in the house of the gardener, Mr. Nello to pass the night. After searching the whole of Fletz, the group concludes that Lloyd isn't here and decide to move to the second city at the North of Tiberoa, the Flower City of Donau.

Second VisitEdit

LOD Meru and Guard

Dart and friends finding way to enter Twin Castle

The group returns to Donau with Meru, on a quest to get King Zior's permission to enter the Valley of Corrupted Gravity and rescue Lynn. The group tries to convince the giant guard blocking the castle entrance but are denied entry to the Twin Castle, especially after Meru attempts to force her way in. The group incidentally meets Fester once again in the item shop, while he is inspecting a telescope, and then follow him up to the castle doors. After meeting in his house and discussing the problems of the group, Mr. Fester agrees to help them get past the guard. With Fester on their side, the group manages to enter the castle. The group meets King Zior who grants them the permission to enter the Valley of Corrupted Gravity, though the speech from the king indicates that he does not feel he can trust his own senses, and must be reassured by Fester that both his eyes and his ears are operating correctly. When Dart speaks to the servants around the castle, they confirm that King Zior has also been behaving strangely.

LOD Princess Lisa

Princess Lisa begging Dart and friends to save Princess Emille

When Dart and Albert attempt to leave the castle before dinner, Lisa's maid Libria stops them and brings them up the star tower to meet with Princess Lisa. Princess Lisa knows that Albert is the king of Serdio. Princess Lisa tells them that six months ago, she and Princess Emille went for a horse ride, but got separated when Princess Emille's horse went berserk. Princess Emille went missing in the woods but was later found by the guards. Princess Emille suffered a major personality change after that, which was contributed to the fact that she hit her head very hard when she fell from her horse. Princess Lisa tells them that Princess Emille was once loved by her people and even more demur and delicate than herself. Princess Lisa beseeches Dart and his friends to find out about the connection between Emille and the Gehrich gang. She also gives a cryptic warning about handing over the Moon Dagger to Emille during her coming of age ceremony. The group dwells in the castle for a night and then embarks on their journey to Valley of Corrupted Gravity the day after.

After agreeing to help Lisa, Libria reminds Lisa about Fester and the banquet and relays a formal invitation from the king for them to attend dinner. During the meal, Princess Emille behaves badly, even speaking impolitely to the guests and Fester. But King Zior still praises her of her vividity in front of Dart, Meru, Shana, Albert, Haschel and Rose. The group begins to suspect that something is wrong with King Zior and Princess Emillie.

Third VisitEdit

LOD Waking Princess Emille

Albert and Princess Lisa waking up real Emille

The group went back to Fletz after Gehrich told them that the princess is fake before his death. The group decided to tell King Zior about it before the Moon Dagger can be handed down to her, but the ceremony had already begun. Twin Castle was infested by bandit-imposted Tiberoa Guards brought by Princess Emille to curb any interruption to the ceremony. The group sneaked through the fake guards and found Princess Lisa in her tower but still unable to break through the ceremony even with her on their side.


Lenus reveal herself as the Fake Emille

The group then went up to the tower of Princess Emille. The room inside was ransacked, but the large portrait of Princess Emille still remained. After touching the portrait, Dart, Albert, Shana, Rose and Princess Lisa were teleported to a magical space, leaving Meru, Haschel and Kongol outside. From they saw Princess Emille lying unconscious and Albert managed to awake her. After being told of what had happened, Princess Emille went with the group and disturbed the ceremony. The fake one revealed herself as Lenus, the flamboyant Wingly and fought Dart and his friends. Lenus fled the battle with Moon Dagger to the sea, the group had to chase her down later with Queen Fury from Donau. King Albert was also forced to reveal his position to King Zior.

Fourth VisitEdit

DartShana Kiss

Dart kissing Shana

Although Lenus was defeated and the Moon Dagger was lost to Lloyd, the group had to return to Fletz to inform King Zior about it. However, King Zior longed for their return to celebrate their heroic acts by inviting the group to a party in the Twin Castle before they had to travel to Mille Seseau to find Lloyd. There is a romantic moment with Dart and Shana. Shana admitted that she loved Dart and Dart wanted to kiss Shana, but was interrupted twice by the dress maid Libria and Fester respectively. Albert also began his relationship with Princess Emillie. During the night in the ballroom, Dart saw Shana in her new glittery gown. The chapter ended as Dart and Shana had their first romantic kiss.

Chapter 4: Moon And FateEdit

The group traveled far from Death Frontier and reached Fletz in Tiberoa . The group needed the Queen Fury to travel to Rouge so that they can find the Signet Spheres and prevent them from being destroyed. King Zior, Princess Lisa and Princess Emille bade farewell to them before they departed with the Queen Fury.

Store Edit

Accessory Players saving up for the more expensive armors and accessories can afford to skip the Fletz shops.
Item shop Price
Healing Potion 10
Healing Breeze 50
Sun Rhapsody 50
Angel's Prayer 30
Mind Purifier 20
Body Purifier 10
Translight 10
Black Rain 20
Charm Potion 4
Accessory shop Price
Ruby Ring 1,000
Sapphire Pin 1,000
Emerald Earring 1,000
Platinum Collar 1,000
Weapon shop Price
Shadow Cutter 200
Chain Mail 150
Soft Boots 100
Bravery Amulet 300
Poison Guard 200
Active Ring 200
Protector 200
Panic Guard 300
Stun Guard 200
Bravery Amulet 300
Magic Ego Ball 300
Power Wrist 200
Knight Shield 200
Wargod Calling 1,000



In the church there is a star watching theater which you can enjoy. The wonderful song themed upon the rolling of stars can be played repeatedly here.

Claire BridgeEdit

During the beginning of Chapter 2, Albert and Haschel debated about the name Claire and whether Dart is related to Haschel when they saw the name of the bridge. Dart's mother is Claire, Haschel's daughter is Claire too.

Stardust Edit

This is the player's first opportunity to trade in the Stardust they have found so far for items. Martel is available in home café.

Search the crates outside the bar. Fletz stardust 2
Climb the roof structure and search to the right of Nello's home. Fletz stardust 1
Search the box to the left in the weapon shop. Fletz startdust 4
Search the gems in the lower-left corner of the accessory shop. Fletz stardust 3
Search the telescope in hte middle of the items shop. Fletz stardust 5
Examine the statue to the right in the Twin Castle. Fletz stardust 6

Inside the right hand tower of the Twin Castle at the base. (Note: It cannot be retrieved while assissting princess Lisa)

Fletz stardust 7

Gallery Edit

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