Flabby Troll
Flabby Troll
Location Element
Undersea Cavern Earth
US 560
JAP 700
84 US 30
JAP 10
Attack Defense Counter
65 60 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
38 60 50
Item dropped
Knight Shield (2%)

Flabby Troll is an earth element creature of which can be located within the Undersea Cavern.


This creature is a very flabby humanoid covered in red tattoos and has a small patch of hair. It's ears are large, it has two large teeth on it's lower jaw and only has a skulled rag and wrist band for clothing. It wields a spiked mace and a large shield. It's skin color is beige / gold.


Flabby Troll deals medium physical damage and is very slow to attack. It's health is high but you do more damage due to it's slightly lower defence. It can inflict Fear upon all targets which is the frustration of this enemy. If fought paired up with other creatures, you should prioritize the others over this since it's not much of a threat unless it starts inflicting everyone, however, it will only begin to do so if it's health reaches below halfway. It can still do so above halfway it's just very unlikely.

  • Slow-Moving Club - Walks towards a single target and slowly swings it's club down upon them.
  • Troll Tap - Hit's it's shield with the spiked mace causing low magic damage and inflicting Fear on hit to all targets.

Keep in mind, you can on rare occasion find a pair of Flabby Trolls within a single battle.

Encounter rate: Rare

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Flabby Troll.

  • Flabby Troll
  • Flabby Troll + Mermaid


This creature drops the Knight's Shield with a very rare probability of 2%. This is an item that will probably never be obtained considering the rarity of Flabby Troll, then add the drop rarity above that. Keep in mind you can buy this item for 200 gold in either Bale or Fletz, rather than trying to obtain it here. It's a decent item, however, if you want to obtain it in this location the average time would be over 2 hours. This varies of course from person to person and their luck.


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