Fire Bird
Fire Bird
Location Element
Volcano Villude Fire
US 640
Jap 800
800 100
Attack Defense Counter
15 80 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
19 80 45
Item dropped
Red-Eye Stone (100%)
Fire Bird (ロックハーケン, Rokkuhāken) is a legendary fire spirit with that guards over the area known as the Volcano Villude. It appears to be quite old as Rose has had some experience dealing with it.
Fire Bird Reward

Fire Bird Reward


Chapter 1: The Serdian WarEdit

Death of a DragonEdit

When the party first entered the volcano, they were ambushed by Fire Bird. Merely being
Dart and friends take a far glance at the Fire Bird

Dart and friends take a far glance at the Fire Bird

in his presence turned the air into a reddish haze and threatens to set everything ablaze. The party escaped into the depths of Volcano Villude. As they made their way through the Villude, Shana was called by a wounded and imprisoned Virage, which awakened in her presence and was defeated by the party. Almost immediately afterwards, they were trapped by the Fire Bird. It passed through the volcano and the lava to ambush them a second time. After a rushed battle, Dart and his friends defeated the beast.
Fire Bird Traps Dart and Friends with Fire

Fire Bird traps Dart and friends with fire


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Facing the Fire Bird

The Fire Bird is actually rather easy to beat, provided you have a few Spear Frosts which can be bought at Bale and cause massive damage to Fire Bird. Dart is also practically invincible in this fight due to his fire element, easing the boss battle. Here are its attack moves:
Volcano Ball

Volcano Ball
HP = 50

  • Volcanic Peck: Fire Bird flies to a character, wraps him in his tail feathers and begins to peck at them.
  • Presto Fire: Fire Bird shoots a ray of flames at your team that causes the ground to fly up with immense heat. The Fire Bird uses this attack only when its health is blue or yellow.
  • Summon: Fire Bird dives into the lava pit below and pulls up 4 Volcano Balls that he can (at any time) use to attack your party. The Volcano Balls can also be attacked to less or stop this move. Fire Bird only uses this move for about 1-2 times, especially when its health turns red.
  • Dive Bomb: Fire Bird flies straight up and dives on Dart and friends, cracking the ground and  dip Dart and friends in magma, dealing more damage than the Peck and Fire Quake, then rising up again from the lava pits below. The Fire Bird uses this attack only when its health turns red.

Fire Bird has no real damaging attacks but Fire Dive and Volcano Ball Summon can really hurt Lavitz as he has the lowest magic defense so be prepared to heal him and Rose because she has the least amount of health.



  • To some begginers, they will find it suprising to meet two bosses consecutively in the same location, Volcano Villude, which is the Wounded Virage as the first boss and Fire Bird as the second one.
  • Fire Bird resembles the legendary bird Phoenix.
  • Fire Bird is as bright as a tiny sun - it engulfs the whole area in bright light as it flew towards Dart and friends.
  • Fire Bird's name in the Japaneses version is ロックハーケン (rotsuku haken/m or rokkuhāken) which translates to rock piton, a tool for rock climbing.

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