Feyrbrand, the Green-Tusked Dragon, is the first of several Dragons that appear in The Legend of Dragoon. He is first seen at the start of the adventure by trapping Dart Feld into a corner until the latter is saved by Rose. Besides its moniker of the "Green-Tusked Dragon", it is also well known for its poison.

Story Edit

Feyrbrand was used by Imperial Sandora as a powerful weapon against the Duchy of Basil. As soon as it broke the balance of power, Emperor Doel started to become more aggressive. He was being controlled by Greham who possessed the Dragoon Spirit of the Jade Dragon, given to him by a mysterious hooded man.

First EncounterEdit

Feyrbrand attacks Dart

Dart is in a forest when he hears a parade of horses galloping by. He heads up to find two Sandora Soldiers. Before they are able to attack, Feyrbrand comes out. Dart is chased deeper into the forest until he is saved by Rose. She explains that he was just attacked by a dragon but does not understand why they would need a dragon to destroy the near by village. Dart says that the village is his home town and runs off to see what happened.

Second EncounterEdit

Dart and company once again find Feyrbrand in the Nest of Dragon. The party are headed to Lohan when they fall in a trap that leads to deep tunnels and paths underground. At the end of the underground system they find Greham, an old friend of Lavitz's father. They find out that it has been he who has been controlling the dragon and so to stop him they fight both Greham and Feyrbrand.

Final EncounterEdit

The Dragoons again encounter Feyrbrand for the final time at the Death City Mayfil. Rose explains that he may still be in this world because he does not want to be killed by humans and has too much pride.

Battle at Nest of DragonEdit

Location Element
Nest of Dragon Wind
460 1200 (with Greham) 100 (with Greham)
Attack Defense Counter
21 100
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
14 80 50
Item dropped
Down Burst

Feyrbrand uses three attacks during the battle, the attacks he uses are listed below. Remember that Feyrbrand is wind-element, but since the Jade Dragoon is not obtained before defeating him, will the attacks do just fine since he is only resist wind-based attack.

Feyrbrand is not very powerful, but he can be a handful, just attack him with the strongest additions and dragoon magic.

  • Main Attack: Feyrbrand attacks a party member with his tusk.
  • Power up: Feyrbrand charges up energy to power up, he only uses it when he is hit with any magic based attack.

Battle at MayfilEdit

Feyrbrand Spirit
Feyrbrand spirit
Location Element
Mayfil Wind
8000 4000 200
Attack Defense Counter
100 100 {{{Cntr}}}
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
80 80 60
Item dropped
Down Burst

The second time the Dragoons encounter Feyrbrand is at Mayfil and it is optional to face him. Feybrand has the exact same moves except they are a lot stronger. The battle is no different from the first time, keep the heroes free of status ailments and keep attacking him.

It is also recommended that Kongol is in the party as he is the opposing element. It may not be the best thing for all players though as he is also weak to wind, neutralizing the benefits.


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