Location Element
Forbidden Land / Kadessa Light
US 320
JAP 400
81 US 24
Attack Defense Counter
45 80 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
64 150 70
Item dropped
Sun Rhapsody (8%)

Fairy is a light element creature of which is located within the Forbidden Land, Kadessa.


This creature appears as a very tiny and short female humanoid with six wings and a wand nearly the height of her whole body. There is a red stone on top of her wand. Her clothing is pink / purple, and her short hair is dark purple.


This creature has medium to high magical damage potential to one or all allies depending on your character selection, gear, levels, etc. For starters, she has low health and physical defence is the way to go, her magic defence is very high so any spell items with darkness as the exception will be quite useless in this fight. The light spells deal a fairly good amount of damage, however Rose takes heavy damage due to her elemental weakness, luckily so does the Fairy is Rose attacks her. It could get pretty bad quickly though considering Fairy likes to target Rose more often. They are defeated quite quick, don't let them stay in the fight too long and it should be fine. If you've dropped its health down far enough for it to heal then you should be able to kill it in the next hit.

  • Magical Wand - Flies towards a single person and smacks with magic wand dealing low physical damage.
  • Translight - Uses the spell item of the same name dealing medium damage towards a single target.
  • Dancing Rays - Uses the spell item of the same name dealing medium light element magic damage to all targets.
  • HP Recovery - Recovers by 96 health.

Do note this creature has a high probability to evade your attacks.

Encounter rate: Common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Fairy.

  • Fairy
  • Fairy x2 + Puck


This creature can drop the item Sun Rhapsody with a rare probability of 8%. This item is great considering it fully restores the MP of a single allie, although it takes a long time to get being averagely 30+ minutes, it could still be somewhat worth it depending on your reason. If anything, recieving one randomly while progressing through here will be very useful.


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