Erupting Chick
Erupting Chick
Location Element
Valley of Corrupted Gravity Wind
US 120
JAP 150
32 US 15
Attack Defense Counter
26 80 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
26 30 80
Item dropped
Mind Purifier (8%)

Erupting Chick is a creature of the wind element of which is located within the Valley of Corrupted Gravity.


It appears to be a young chick in a nest, the baby form of the Roc specifically. It has no feathers at this point yet, so it's whole body is pink. It can move around and jump or kick with the nest remaining under / around it.


Because it is such a small creature, and a baby at that, it lacks certain things the adult version has. An example of such is that it cannot Stun an opponent, it can however summon a fully aged roc to fly down and smash into all allies on the field dealing average physical damage to all. It shares the ability of it's older model by being capable of using Rave Twister, a medium damage to high damage dealing wind element spell inflicted upon all allies.

  • Tiny Kick - Runs towards a single opponent and jump kick dealing low physical damage.
  • Rave Twister - Uses a wind element spell to hurt all allies with medium to high magic damage.
  • Summon roc - Summons a fully aged roc to swoop down and smash into all allies dealing medium damage by tweeting.

Do note that you will most likely be capable of killing them in a hit if not then two guarenteed when you arrive, so most times you might not if ever even see the summon roc ability.

Encounter rate: Very common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter an Erupting Chick.

  • Erupting Chick
  • Erupting Chick + Killer Bird x2
  • Erupting Chick x2 + Spider Urchin


This creature has the rare probability of 8% to drop a Mind Purifier. This item is not worth obtaining unless by accident since it would take a long time to farm with such a low percentage and for the fact that you can simply buy them in most places for 20G. It isn't requires really all that much in this location or the surrounding areas eitiher, mainly for the second half of disc two from the Phantom ship onwards.


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