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Role Citizen
Home Town Fueno

Drippy is the town drunk of the city of Fueno in the game The Legend of Dragoon. It is unknown whether Drippy is actually his real name. He appears only after Dart and Rose have reunited with their friends, after being violently thrown off a ship.

He appears only in Disc 2 but is a very memorable character, due to his endearing personality and sense of danger. The townspeople respect his opinion and value him as a member of their society. He aids Dart and his friends in their quest by divulging some important information to them on their way out of Feuno. He is the only person responsible for telling them that a dragon (and Lenus, as well) have appeared on Prison Island. Without this, Dart and Shana would not have been able to continue forth.

Appearance Edit

Drippy wears a yellow cloak, similar to many of the other townspeople, with a distinctive yellow hood. He can be easily recognized by his dapper appearance, as well as the bottle of liquor he carries in his right hand. He is rarely seen without his bottle, and driving some people to perceive him as more of a drunk than he really is. Truth be told, he is really just protective of his stash. He is a solid, reliable companion, brave and dedicated to the defense of his town.

Personality Edit

Drippy has a swagger when he walks, mostly due to his alcoholism, but also partially because of his injury. When Drippy was young, he fell down a set of stairs and unfortunately broke his hip. While it has been fixed, he still pays for his klutziness by constantly having a limp when he walks. He is a loud individual, and townspeople can hear him coming for miles. He is easily identified by his signature sound; "moan - hiccup".

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