Dran (Single)
Role Citizen
Home Town Bale

Dran is a drunk and poor fellow who slums under the water fountain in Bale. He blocks the path to the underground sewer that lies below the Indels Castle. To make him leave from the obstructed path, Dart has to give him some Good Spirits which can be bought for 100g in the nearby hotel.


Chapter 1: The Serdian War Edit

When Dart goes below the fountain of Bale he is blocked by a man named Dran. He seems down on his luck and demands some "Good Spirits." When Dart returns with some, he can "smell" them and takes them from Dart and moves out of his way. After the drunk man steps away, Dart can collect a stardust by using the boat underground if the valve which control the door to the boat is opened.

Moon and Fate Edit

Dran later appears in the Bale section of the Moon That Never Sets at the nearby tables. This time he is not poor, he is the rich man he used to be from 20 years ago back in Serdio.


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