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Dart Dragoon Transformation

Dart Feld transforming into a Dragoon.

This is a list of all Dragoon Magics, sorted by character. Anyone in the party who is in their Dragoon form during battle can perform these magical attacks.

Dart FeldEdit

Main article: Dart Feld#Dragoon
Name Obtained MP Target Effect
Flame Shot Initial 10 Single enemy Fire 50%
Explosion Dragoon Level 2 20 All enemies Fire 25%
Final Burst Dragoon Level 3 30 Single enemy Fire 75%
Red Eye Dragon Dragoon Level 5 80 All enemies Fire 175%
Name Obtained MP Target Effect
Divine Dragon


Initial 50 All enemies Non-elemental


Divine Dragon


Initial 50 Single





Lavitz Slambert/AlbertEdit

Main article: Lavitz Slambert#Dragoon
Main article: Albert#Dragoon
Name Obtained MP Target Effect
Wing Blaster Initial 20 All enemies Wind 25%
Rose Storm Dragoon Level 2 20 All allies Reduces all damage by half for 3 turns
Gaspless Dragoon Level 3 30 Single enemy Wind 100%
Jade Dragon Dragoon Level 5 80 All enemies Wind 75%



Main article: Shana#Dragoon Magic
Name Obtained MP Cost Effect Description
Moon Light Initial 10 Single Ally
100% Recover or Revive with 50% Health
Shana use her arrow to summon moon healing power
Star Children 2 20 All Enemies
Light STR 25%
Shana gathers the stars around her, and let them falls on the enemies.
Gates of Heaven 3 30 All Allies
100% Recover
Shana summons a ray of light from the sky that "opens" and grant healing light to party members
White Silver Dragon 5 80 All Enemies
Light STR 100% and Allies 100% Recover
The White Silver Dragon Descends from the sky and blast the enemy with laser while healing the party

In Dragoon form, Shana's magic attack and defense are still higher than the others, although they are boosted by less than the males. None of Shana's damage spells attack a single target; Star Children is as much damage for the MP cost as any of the Dragoons' spells, and White Silver Dragon is one of the better Final Magics, with not only a 100% attack, same as many ultimates, but her specialty 100% Recover as well.

Examples of her strength and weakness as a character are Princess Louvia's ghost ship and the bandit hideout at Home of Gigantos. Enemies there are predominantly Dark element, and will damage her more severely, but are weaker to her attacks. Shana is attuned to Light, and is strong against such attacks. Her elemental weakness is Darkness, and she will take more damage than usual from any Darkness abilities cast at her.

The Ship is also a good example of Shana's role as providing healing in places that lack either Shops for Healing Items or the Rock Fireflies that the bandit hideout has. Her abilities, used in a timely fashion, can extend the length of time that groups can survive. As the ratio of enemy power to player power increases, say in Low Level challenges, the line of where healing items become inadequate draws nearer. Shana pushes that line back; by the same token, at anytime in the game, the more healing Shana / Miranda does, the less space is required for healing items and the more space is available for Attack Items.



Main article: Rose#Dragoon
Name Obtained MP Target Effect
Astral Drain Initial 10 Single enemy Dark 25% and HP recovery
Death Dimension 2 20 All enemies Dark 25% and fear
Demon's Gate 3 30 All enemies Instant kill (won't work on bosses)
Dark Dragon 5 80 Single enemy Dark 100%

Rose's magic attack bonus, like all the women and Dart, starts at 150% and goes up 5% per Dragoon level. Her Magical Attack (MAT) starts out very strong at 43 for the first ten levels, but decelerates rapidly to 2.25 with a final burst from 50 to 60 of 2 1/3. After being without a doubt the strongest character in every way in the beginning, she ends up with identical magic attack and Dragoon magic attack as Dart, more magic attack than Haschel by only 2 points, and with considerably weaker Dragoon magic than Haschel.

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Main article: Haschel#Dragoon
Name Obtained MP Target Effect
Atomic Mind Initial 10 Single enemy Thunder 25%
Thunder Kid Dragoon Level 2 20 Single enemy Thunder 50%
Thunder God Dragoon Level 3 30 Single enemy Thunder 75%
Violet Dragon Dragoon Level 5 80 Single enemy Thunder 100%

At Dragoon level 5 and level 60, Haschel has 325 magic attack in Dragoon form. Highest of the males, and higher than Rose' Dragoon at the same levels: 255.

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Main article: Meru#Dragoon
Name Obtained MP Target Effect
Freezing Ring Initial 10 Single enemy Water 50%
Rainbow Breath Dragoon Level 2 20 All allies Recover 50% and cures status ailments
Diamond Dust Dragoon Level 3 30 All enemies Water 50%
Blue-Sea Dragon Dragoon Level 5 80 Single enemy Water 100%

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Main article: Kongol#Dragoon
Name Obtained MP Target Effect
Grand Stream Initial 10 All enemies Earth 25%
Meteor Strike Dragoon Level 2 30 All enemies Earth 50%
Gold Dragon Dragoon Level 5 80 All enemies Earth 75%

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