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The Dragoon is the Knight of the Dragon who is chosen by fate to "rule over Dragons", as said by one particular Dragoon, Rose the Dark Dragoon. The essence of a dragon's soul was given to each dragoon in the form of their Dragoon spirits.

"Rule over Dragons" are the best way to describe dragoons' destiny as seen on Greham's and Lenus' power to control the dragons that respond to their elements, Regole the sea dragon and Feyrbrand the green-tusked wind dragon. Also every dragoon's level 5 magic allows them to summon a dragon of their respective element to attack the enemies (e.g. Dart the Red-eyed Dragoon level 5 magic is "Red-eyed Dragon" can be seen summoning a dragon, a pillar of fire burns through the earth and then a dragon appeared from it).

Seven Dragoon warriors (Zieg, Rose, Belzac, Kanzas, Damia, Syuveil and Shirley) were sent by Emperor Diaz to liberate humankind from the domination of the Winglies in the Dragon Campaign eleven thousand years ago prior to the beginning of the game.

Their Dragoon Spirits, and the Dragoon transformations that they empower, were given to Dart, Lavitz, Albert, Shana, Miranda, Haschel, Kongol and Meru. Rose continued to hold hers. The wielder of the Dragoon Spirit can eventually summon a dragon of tremendous power.

There are different Dragoon Spirits of the elements Fire, Wind, Light, Thunder, Earth and Water. Rose retained her Dragoon Spirit with its Dark element, using it during her 11,000 year vigil to prevent the spawn of the Moon That Never Sets from reuniting with the God of Destruction. Newly appeared in Dart's time, the Divine Dragoon spirit from the Divine Dragon can only be fully used by Dart.

Upon transforming, various stats are increased depending on the Spirit; they also have access to powerful magic spells that use MP rather than items. When 3 dragoons are on the field with their SP bars filled, you can activate them all at once with the Special transformation, engaging battle on a Dragoon Battle Field with the Dragoon who initiated the Special at advantage.

The Origin of the Dragoons Edit


Dart transformed into his Dragoon form.

The Dragoons Spirits were created through a method utilized by the humans of the Dragon Campaign. The method involves defeating the dragon, and, at the moment of its death the person who strikes the final blow cuts open the eye of the dragon and takes its power for itself. For this reason, the Divine Dragon would not glow for Lloyd; but for Dart, who struck that final blow. The dragon's pride would only let it bestow it's power on the one who was strong enough to defeat it. After the original wielder of the Spirit dies, the Spirit then either bestows its power on the one who defeated the preceding wielder or bestows its power on one with a similar out look as the original. This is seen when the Jade Spirit gives itself over to Lavitz after he killed Greham and when the Red-Eyed Spirit gives itself over to Dart because of his similarity to the original owner, his father Zieg. We also see this when Lavitz is killed and the Jade Spirit goes to Albert, who was Lavitz's student and the person who got the most from his life.


  • Dart, the new Red-Eyed Dragoon was not able to awaken the spirit immediately even after the spirit chose him. Possibly this is because he did not learn how to wield the power until Rose awoke the spirit. While the spirit still recognized Zieg, it is most likely due to both Dart and Zieg sharing the same bloodline. This leads the possibility that the person isn't chosen based upon the individual but also the possible bloodline that is or can be related to the person chosen.
  • Despite his hatred towards other lifeforms especially Winglies and humans, the Divine Dragon actually wanted to ally himself with humans just to be able to avenge his imprisonment against the Winglies and end the conflict between the races which he more than likely hadn't known ended 11,000 years ago but he didn't see anyone fit to use his power. Until his death at Dart's hand. However, Lloyd takes the soul before Dart can get it. This would conclude that Divine Dragon waited until someone worthy appeared to use him.
  • For Dart, unlike the Red-Eyed Dragon who chose him but not had not awakened his power for Dart on it's own, The Divine Dragon Spirit allowed Dart to awaken and use his power immediately after it chose him. This may be due to the fact Dart's father the original Red Dragoon was still alive so the spirit didn't recognize Dart willingly till Rose came along, while the Divine spirit did recognize him as the one who had conquered and earned it.
  • The abilities of the Dragoon spirits change to fit the individual, This is shown with Greham's "Dragon Crucification" Doel's "Judgment Storm" and Lenus' "Pillar Break." None of which any of the inheritors in the party can use. Just as well, Doel uses swords instead of knuckles and Lenus uses a pair of chakrams instead of a hammer.
  • Shana, alongside Dart are the only Dragoons whose spirit left them and chose another wielder when they are still alive.
  • Shana is the only Dragoon who wasn't truly the master of the Spirit that they used. Her mysterious powers allowed her to use the power, until the party met Miranda, when the Dragoon Spirit flowed to her from Shana. Although the same may be said about Dart, the Dragoon Spirit of the Red-Eyed Dragon shined when he reclaimed it in the House of Gigantos, thus recognizing him as the master.
  • Rose has held on to her Dragoon Spirit the longest out of everyone.
  • Athough, many confuse Lloyd for being a Dragoon, his Wingly armor is NOT a Dragoon form. He stole the Divine Dragoon Spirit, but the Divine Dragon refused to recognize him. Dart is the true wielder.
  • As a result of Dart gaining the Divine Dragoon Spirit, his Element changes from Fire to Non-Element, thus making him strong against all Elements and weak against none. He is the only character to have multiple Elements.