The "troublesome plant"

The Dragoni Herb was, like dragons, a plant of legend that supposedly had the power to cure the symptoms of the Green Tusked Dragon, Feyrbrand's, poison.

Search for a cureEdit

Once Shana succumbs to the effects of the dragon's poison, Dart, Lavitz, and Rose hurry to Lohan and request help from Serdio's best doctor, Sanator. However, the doctor tells them that her body is not harmed, only her mind, which is falling inwards. He tells the dragoons of a legendary plant written in a secret heirloom book which might cure Shana's mysterious symptoms.

Looking for leads, Dart and company stumble upon Dabas in his antique shop who brings out the secret notebook which states:

North of the poisoned forest. Past the troublesome plant. Observed Dragoni Plant in back of the Shrine.


Shirley's ShrineEdit

The group obtains Life Water to purity the "troublesome plant" and make their way to the mentioned shrine. They traverse Drake's tricks and traps and eventually face Drake himself. Following his defeat, the spirit of Shirley appears and tells them that there is no Dragoni Plant at the shrine. Fortunately she offers another solution, the White-Silver Dragoon Spirit.

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