Dragonfly 2
Location Element
Valley of Corrupted Gravity Thunder
US 319
JAP 370
36 US 21
Attack Defense Counter
35 120 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
35 150 80
Item dropped
Angel's Prayer (8%)

Dragonfly is a thunder-element based monster of which may be located within the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. This creature is the most powerful found within this location.

Appearance Edit

The dragonfly is a purple dragon humanoid creature. It floats with its two wings, has a long sharp pointed tail, and it's long arms are half the length of it's body with massive razor like claws at the end. It has a clearly obvious weak patch of skin underneath it, along it's stomach. Resembles a serpent.

Battle Edit

As the most powerful regularly encounterable monster within the Valley of Corrupted Gravity, it's safe to say that this monster can pose a threat to low-level characters. It's damage is potentially very high, it's slow yet can attack all when health is halved using Thunderbolt which deals it's standard high damage, except to all allies. It has a bit of health and takes slightly less damage as well. This creature shouldn't be capable of giving you a game over, however it's likely that if you are already weakened or struggle against these kinds of enemies or are even underleved or lack new gear that perhaps a character or two might die, repetitively even.

  • Devil Sting - The Dragonfly flies towards, latches on and stings a single target with it's tail dealing high physical damage.
  • Thunderbolt - The Dragonfly causes a large thunderbolt to rain upon all party members dealing high thunder element magic damage.

Do note that this creature can very rarely appear with another Dragonfly.

Encounter rate: Uncommon

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Dragonfly.

  • Dragonfly


This monster has an 8% probability to drop an Angel's Prayer . This item isn't worth farming since you can buy them for 30 Gold each and it would take roughly an hour or so to obtain one on average, the high amount of time half comes from this creatures rarity. It is however a welcome treat to recieve randomly because you may possibly need one and not want to or be capable of returning to buy more, depending.


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