Dragon Buster
Dragon Buster scan
Price Free
Attack 100
Effect Effective against Dragons
User Rose
The Dragon Buster is the most powerful weapon in the game. It is first revealed as being in the possession of Lloyd after he uses it to kill Lavitz, in his attempt to save King Albert. It appears to be actually attached to the user of the weapon, as it is seen with tentacles attached to the user. When the user wants to use it, it seems to not be in a scabbard but just appears out of thin air.


The Dragon Buster along with the Dragon Block Staff was created to combat the dragons and dragoons in the Dragon Campaign. Both the staff and the sword were weapons created by the Winglies, and Lloyd somehow obtained the sword. In a flashback, Lloyd is shown to be in Kadessa with Emperor Diaz three years ago, it is likely that it was a mission to obtain the legendary blade as they were close to the location where the Dragon Block Staff was also held.

When the sword is used, a glowing mass appears around the hand and several tentacles come out of the user's wrist and the sword forms. The handle is in the shape of a large red dragon's head and the blade is an ethereal blade of yellow-orange flame that can be adjusted in length. Thus the sword as a whole resembles a dragon breathing fire.

Lloyd and The SwordEdit

When the player first encounter the Dragon Buster, Lloyd uses it to kill a member of the original party, Lavitz. Rose is the only one to recognize the sword, due to the fact that she was around when it was used to seal the dragon the first time.

The second time the player encounter the Dragon Buster, Lloyd had used it to fight the Divine Dragon. Although it was meant to kill dragons, even the Dragon Buster could not fell the King of Dragons in a single strike.

The third time the Dragon Buster makes an appearance is when the heroes are fighting Lloyd, who uses it to automatically kill any Dragoon that the player may use throughout the battle.

After Melbu Frahma fatally injures him, Lloyd gives the Dragon Buster to Rose.

Rose and the SwordEdit

Now it seems rather weird that the only person who can use this powerful weapon is Rose, because some would think that one of the most powerful weapons would go to the main character. But alas only Rose may use this weapon, reasons are not yet explained.

However, the Dragon Buster does take a single edged shape that correlates better to Rose's style while Dart's is a double-edged sword or a broadsword. Also, the divine dragoon transformation has a large effect on Dart's sword's appearance anyway. Rose also uses it to finish off Melbu Frahma in a final kamikaze charge with Zieg into Melbu's core. However, the sword disappeared after that, possibly destroyed along with Melbu Frahma.