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Death Frontier is a large desert in the center of Endiness. The dragoons arrive here after confronting the man calling himself Emperor Diaz.


Chapter 4:Moon & FateEdit

Beginning of the EndEdit


The Death Frontier doesn't have random battles, it's much like the Phantom Ship in that monsters appear on the map with you and making any sort of contact with them initiates battle. Monsters respawn again after each battle (except for Cactus, which requires a screen change). This area is recommended for power-leveling.

Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP Drops
Sandworm Earth 1,440 1,800 168 51 17 Spirit Potion (8%)
Spiky Beetle Earth 480 600 130 42 14 Attack Ball (8%)
Canbria Dayfly Wind 520 650 112 30 10 Body Purifier (8%)
Scorpion Earth 280 350 154 21 7 Poison Needle (8%)
Cactus Earth 320 400 126 36 24 Recovery Ball (15%)


For many, even veterans of Legend of Dragoon, the layout of this desert is confusing and hard to follow. Here is an image of the map, and how to get to the treasure chests below ground.

Note letter "E" is not an item, but a healing pool similar to the one found in Dragon's Nest. There are also two (2) letter "H' shown, but only the one next to letter "I" leads to an item.

Legend of dragoon death frontier


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