Location Element
Vellweb Water
9500 US
14000 JAP
6000 300
Attack Defense Counter
130 100 {{{Cntr}}}
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
130 200 60
Item dropped
Blue Sea Stone

Damia (ダミア) was the possessor of the Blue Sea Dragoon Spirit during the Dragon Campaign. She was only fifteen at the time of the Dragon Campaign, which made her the youngest of all the Dragoons. Although only a child, she was able to harness the power of the Dragoon because she was half Human and half Mermaid.

History Edit


Original Damia Concept Art

It is explained early on that Damia is a half Human and half Mermaid hybrid, which must have been rare occurrence seeing as there was nothing in the game expanding on mermaids or them interacting with anything. This odd mix led to most of her strife in life, with kids her age picking on her and others avoiding her, which later developed into her fear of loneliness. It is also hinted that she had never wanted to become a Dragoon and, for that very reason, was most likely one of the most emotionally torn about the weight of being a Dragoon, humanity's weapon and symbol to freedom.

After becoming a Dragoon, she attached herself to Rose, whom she most likely respected for her strength, resilience, and cool nature. Rose, herself, took Damia under her wing, where she protected and developed a soft spot for the young girl. These factors made confronting Damia's soul all the more painful and saddening for her.

It is not stated where and when she died during the Dragon Campaign, but after her death, the young Dragoon clung to Vellweb, where she refused to move on for fear of being truly and utterly alone.

Dragoon form Edit

Damia resembles the new Blue-Sea Dragoon, Meru. Their armors are the same and they both use hammers in battle. Damia's armor consists of a one piece, a pair of blue gauntlets and gloves. She has armor on the outside of her legs and knee high armored boots. She also has a headband that has seven golden orbs on it and a golden orb attached to her chest plate.

Dragoon addition Edit

Damia's Dragoon Addition is the exact same as Meru's, with the exception of exclaiming "Yippie!" at the end.

Dragoon spells Edit

Damia can use the same spells that Meru uses – Freezing Ring, Diamond Dust and Blue-Sea Dragon. The only spell she does not use is Rainbow Breath.


  • Damia does not appear in Rose's flashback of the final clash of the Dragon Campaign and presumably died in one of the battles leading up to the conflict.
  • Damia is the youngest of all Dragoons at the age of 15.
  • Besides Zieg, Damia would have been Rose's closest friend of the old Dragoons, as hinted through their dialouge.
  • She is the only hybrid character mentioned in the game.