Crafty Thief
Crafty Thief
Location Element
Home of Gigantos Darkness
US 200
JAP 250
50 US 18
Attack Defense Counter
36 100 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
31 80 80
Item dropped
Pellet (8%)
Crafty Thief
Crafty Thief
Location Element
Barrens Darkness
US 320
JAP 400
None None
Attack Defense Counter
34 100 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
31 80 70
Item dropped
Pellet (8%)

A Crafty Thief (クラフティシーフ, Kurafuti Shīfu) is a Darkness element creature of which is located within the Home of Gigantos.


When first encountered, they are fought in a group of two with Mappi as a boss battle at the fork between locations in the Barrens . Thereafter they become regular battle spawns.


These opponents are not too difficult all in all, however, their damage can add up especially if you say fight against three of them simultaneously. They are very annoying creatures as they can steal 50 gold from you, to make matters worse, they enjoy escaping shortly after and successfully stealing your money. If you can kill them immediately after they steal, you would be lucky enough to receive your gold back. They are fairly quick and can counter quite often. They should be able to go down in a few hits.

  • Quick Knife - Runs towards a single target and slashes with knives.
  • Gimme yr' gold! - Runs towards a single target and steals 50 gold from them.
  • Escape - Flees from the battle.

Encounter rate: Very common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Crafty Thief.

  • Crafty Thief
  • Crafty Thief x3
  • Crafty Thief + Berserker


The variation of Crafty Thief located within Home of Gigantos drop Pellet with an 8% probability. The rate for those located within the Barrens is the same 8% as well. This spell item is not worth farming to obtain when you could simply buy it for 10G. 

When your gold is stole, you can retrieve it by vanquishing the foe of which robbed you.


When a Crafty Thief steals 50 gold from you, you may find you do not infact recieve said gold back as the text would have you believe. You will insted receive a Bastard Sword


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