Coolon is a unique creature with human-like intelligence, who can fly the party across the sky. It is said that Savan's heart lives on as wings in the sky, in the form of Coolon. It may be a chimeric creation by Savan, but his true origins are unknown. Its body parts are similar to that of the Last Kraken, suggesting that he may be some sort of sea creature, like a manta ray.


Coolon meets the party in Zenebatos, offering to take them other places in the world. When riding on Coolon, the party must pick a destination city. Coolon can only take the player to these locations, but most areas of the game can be accessed by foot from these points. From anywhere on the world map, the player can press square to summon Coolon and go to one of the designated cities.


These destinations are labeled as they appear in US version.
  1. Law Capital Zenebatos
  2. Crystal Palace in Deningrad
  3. Spring Breath Town, Ulara
  4. Furni the Water City
  5. City of Fueno
  6. Donau the Flower City
  7. Twin Castle in Fletz
  8. Indels Castle Capital Bale
  9. Commercial Town of Lohan

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