Commodore Puler
Commodore Puler
Role Captain of the Queen Fury
Home Town Donau
A man of the sea must have a big heart.

-Commodore Puler


Chapter 2: The Platinum ShadowEdit

Commodore Puler is the captain of the Queen Fury. He first encountered Dart and his companions in the Flower City Donau while they were pursuing Lenus, who had stolen the sacred treasure of Tiberoa, the Moon Dagger and was on her way to Fueno. A wise seafaring man, he offers the party his support in the form of moral advice and the use of his vessel at the behest of the Tiberoan king, in their pursuit of Lloyd.

He shares a "tough love" bond with his crew, especially First Mate Kayla.

Misc. After defeating Lenus and the Sea Dragon, Commodore Puler will ask you to become a "man of the sea." If you accept, he will gift you with 100G.

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