Commander A
Location Element
Seles Darkness
14 24 26
Attack Defense Counter
2 40 No
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
4 40 40
Item dropped
Burn Out (100%)

2x Healing Potion (100%)

Commander B
Location Element
Marshlands Darkness
US 132
JAP 160
17 US 9
Attack Defense Counter
13 120 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
11 80 70
Item dropped
Attack Ball (100%)

The Commander (小隊長, Kotaichō) looks like the Great Commander, but he's just a regular Commander. He is the first boss you face. He appears in Seles with two Knights of Sandora, then another stronger version at the optional Marshlands (7th Fort).

Appearance Edit

The Commander has two color schemes depending on location. In Seles the Commander has red trim to his armor, a large red cape, and a black sword. In the Marshlands (7th Fort) the Commander has blue trim and cape with a silver sword.

Battle Edit

Seles Edit

This boss is rather easy, and acts as a good first boss.

  • Sword - The Commander runs up and strikes Dart.
  • Burn Out - The Commander uses a Burn Out dealing fire damage to Dart.
  • Potion - The Commander uses a healing potion and recovers 4 HP.
  • Power Up - The Commander powers himself up and gains the "Double Slash" Attack. Will only use this if both Knights of Sandora are removed from combat.
  • Double Strike - The Commander strikes Dart with two slashes and deals more damage.

Marshlands (7th Fort) Edit

This version of the commander is stronger than the Seles version. This version is immune to the KO status.

  • Slash - The commander runs up and slashes the target with his sword.
  • Double Slash - The same as Slash just with two hits with raises the damage.
  • Stunning Hammer - The commander Stuns one target.


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