Status screen

The Status screen showing the current character's statistics.

Combat statistics for characters in battle can be seen on the Menu screen. Their Dragoon forms' statistics are separate, and harder to find, but always much higher. Attack and defense statistics will rise with characters' level; others are only affected by equipment.

Character level Edit

  • AT (Attack): Increases damage dealt by physical attacks
  • DF (Defense): Decreases damage from physical attacks
  • MAT (Magic Attack): Increases damage dealt by magical attacks and magical attack items
  • MDF (Magical Defense): Decreases damage from magical attacks

Equipment-only Edit

These stats are unaffected by character levels. Equipping certain items can raise them.[1]

  • A-HIT (Attack Hit): Affects chance of physical attacks hitting.
  • M-Hit (Magical Hit): Affects chance of magical attacks hitting.
  • A-AV (Attack Avoidance): Gives a chance of physical attacks missing completely, doing no damage.
  • M-AV (Magical Avoidance): Gives a chance of magical attacks missing completely, doing no damage.

Citations Edit

  1. The Legend of Dragoon FAQ/Walkthrough, Gbness and Cyril

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