User Shana, Rose, Meru, Miranda
Purchasable No
Price N/A
Defense 4
Effects N/A
Drops N/A
Location Initial

Clothes are the initial armor equipped by default on three of the four playable female characters, with Rose as the exception. It is their weakest and least efficient combat armor and should be removed immediatly to maximise survival. A single one is obtained on Disc 1, another on Disc 2 and a final one during Disc 3.

How to obtainEdit

These can only be obtained by a single method, and that is by gaining these characters to your party. You cannot purchase it, cannot find it and no regularly encounterable, unique or boss monster will drop this armor. Once a female character joins you, it is a defaultly equipped armor and so you gain a new one each time. In order, Shana, Rose, Meru, and Miranda can all equip it, however, there should be no reason to equip them with the weakest armor unless you want to challenge yourself.


This armor will prove to be very insufficient in your survival and you will take heavy damage in both physical and magical attacks, however, the magical resistance is higher by 1. Boss fights with this armor would prove to be fatal. It has no effects or bonuses. This armor will assure you die in most all situations except when you first recieve Shana due to all the monsters being weak and even then it isn't quite enough, and so you should remove it instantly.


Description Location
Tumblr lbp2fnnQr31qegpdqo1 400
Miranda portrait

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