Blue Dragon Armor
User Meru
Purchasable Yes
Price 800 Gold
Defense 30
Effects Nullify water damage
Drops N/A
Location The Law City, Zenebatos
The Moon That Never Sets

Blue Dragon Armor is the most powerful and final armor attainable by Meru. This armor cannot be obtained as a drop from any regularly encounterable, unique or boss monster and so you must purchase this item in order to have it. Luckily, it is one of the dragon armors purchasable before the point of no return.

How to getEdit

There are two locations from which you can purchase this armor, one is located within The Law City, Zenebatos and the other inside The Everlasting Moon. Firstly, you can travel to Zenebatos and run to the north east passage onto the second screen. If flown to the left most side on a flight laptos plate, you will encounter the golden shop lapto from whom you may purchase this armor at the cost of 800 Gold. It is highly recommended to save up and buy this item, as well as the other dragon armors available here considering you cannot obtain them until arriving on The Moon if you don't get these before the point of no return at The Death City, Mayfil.

The second method to purchase this armor is by entering The Moon That Never Sets and passing beyond the battle ground for Miranda's personal battle and into the inn. Once inside that inn, if you travel to the upper most right hand corner above the stairs, you will notice an equipment vendor. If you observe the wares of said vendor, you will find this dragon armor along with all the others for the same price of 800 Gold each. Although it is recommended highly to purchase it before, if you do not have it yet then I would strongly suggest purchasing it now.


If you use Meru as a primary party member, it would be a great armor to obtain for several reasons. These may include battling against some of the super bosses of the game such as The Divine Dragon Spirit or Magician Faust who are each capable of doing several thousands of damage per hit and both have water element based spells. More practical uses would be that its defense and magical defense are very high and so ideal for regular encounterable monsters and if you happen to fight any water element based monsters you can assure yourself of immunity towards their spells.


Description Location
The Law City, Zenebatos

 sold by the shop vendor "Shop Lapto", it's the golden one.

Zenebatos Robot Shop Vendor
The Everlasting Moon, inside the inn. Sold by the equipment vendor in the upper right hand corner.
Blue Dragon Armor in Store

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