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Black Castle

The Black Castle in Kazas serves as the headquarters for the Imperial Sandora. It is from this castle that Emperor Doel rules Sandora.

The castle itself is a wonder to behold as it is powered by magic, technology people thought was lost in ancient times. Objects such as lifts, elevators as well as lighting is powered by magic, opting for easy travel between floors and buildings.


Chapter 1: The Serdian War Edit

Revenge Against DoelEdit

To get into the Black Castle, Popo shows Dart the secret tunnel under his house which they can use without alerting all Sandora. After jumping into the burrow, Dart and friends fight their way through the castle.

As the party enters a research lab, thay are fascinated and awed by the magic flames the Sandorians are developing. Overhearing their excitement, the scientists explain to them: the White Flame can be used for healing, the Green Flame is inextinguishable and can be used to gain advantage in the war, and the Purple Flame can be used as an energy source to run lifts (and for domestic use). But all these flames are used for the wrong purpose. Before they leave, a scientist hands them a magic oil lamp to operate the lifts in the castle.

The party manages to obtain the Red Stone from a garbage dump site. They also manage to obtain a Blue Stone from Mr. Magi's personal research lab, the "hopeless" and paranoid scientist who accidentally turns himself into a dog after he fails to use his "research" to scare the party away.

In the top floor, Dart meets the Great Commander who was responsible for kidnapping Shana and scorching Seles. Dart wants to use his sword on him after all he has done, but the Great Commander pleads with him to do one thing before Dart kills him: He wants Dart and his friends to wake Emperor Doel. He understands if they do that, Imperial Sandora will lose to the Kingdom of Basil, but they will also end the hardship and oppression imposed by Emperor Doel on the people. At the end of conversation, the Great Commander hands him a Yellow Stone.

The team uses all three stones to reveal the secret elevator behind the statue of Empress Katrina. The team eventually confront Kongol for a second time, but manage to defeat him. Finally as they enter the throne room, Dart and Albert want their answer from Emperor Doel, who has affected them so personally. A fight ensues, and the party defeats Emperor Doel, even after he transforms into a Dragoon. Showing his love as an uncle, Doel tells Albert to pursue Lloyd in the western country of Tiberoa and find out more about the world before he dies and vanishes. In the ending scene, Haschel receives his Violet Dragoon Spirit, which glows before the party.


Weapons/Accessories Price
Heat Blade 150
Long Bow 150
Armet 100
Iron Kneepiece 100
Accessories Price
Fake Power Wrist 100
Fake Shield 100
Items Price
Healing Potion 10
Sun Rhapsody 50
Angel's Prayer 30
Dark Mist 10
Fatal Blizzard 20
Items Price
Healing Potion 10
Angel's Prayer 30
Mind Purifier 20
Body Purifier 10
Spear Frost 10
Meteor Fall 20
Charm Potion 4


Name Element HP XP Gold
Knight of Sandora Fire 200 24 15
Hell Hound Fire 150 20 9
Sandora Elite Darkness 30 30
Kongol Earth 1000 2000 200
Emperor Doel Thunder 2150 3000 200

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