Location Element
Home of Gigantos Darkness
US 400
JAP 500
55 US 15
Attack Defense Counter
55 30 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
36 50 60
Item dropped
Energy Girdle (2%)

Berserker is a monster of which is located within the Home of Gigantos.


Berserker is a humanoid that posseses two large cleavers that is uses for all of it's attacks. Their legs are covered with cuts and wounds, arms as well. Berserkers wear gold colored boots, pauldrons and bracers, along with a blue chest plate.


These enemies have decent health but take several times more damage than the creatures around, you will probably do over 500 damage per hit with just about any character, however, if you do not manage to kill one in a hit, it will be in critical health and when a Berserker is in critical health it spams all out attack. You should keep in mind that all out attack is easily capable of doing 250-500 damage to your characters. Considering their magic defence is nearly double their standard defence, it is highly recommended to use physical attacks. Using higher additions would be good as well since you would like to kill them in a hit rather than letting them spam all out attack.

  • Butcher knives - Runs towards and slashes at a single opponent with two butcher knives dealing average damage.
  • Charging spirit - Preparing to do one of the below two attacks the immediate next turn.
  • All out attack - Runs at and slashes a single opponent dealing massive damage.
  • Menacing - Inflicts fear upon a single opponent.

Do note that this creature is immune to fear and confusion.

Encounter rate: Common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Berserker.

  • Berserker
  • Berserker + Crafty Thief
  • Berserker + Piggy
  • Berserker x2 + Piggy


Berserkers can drop Energy girdle with the very rare probability of 2%. This item will take most undoubtedly 30+ minutes to obtain but is very much worth it. It is equipable only by Haschel and is greater than most armors even on the third disc, so basically if you can manage to obtain one at Home of Gigantos, you would be roughly less than halfway done disc two with a great armor piece. That means Haschel would greatly benefit for quite some time and probably not die nearly as easily. Also, if you have a hard time with the boss battle of that area with Mappi and Gehrich or are underleved or maybe even need it for another event, it would be a good idea to retrieve it. It can be tedious, although it's fairly worth the wait. As always, however, it completly varies per person and luck for how long it should take to obtain.


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