Location Element
Vellweb Earth
US 20,000
JAP 25,000
6,000 300
Attack Defense Counter
200 200 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
80 80 50
Item dropped
Golden Stone (100%)

Belzac was one of the original Dragoons during the Dragon Campaign, wielding the spirit of the Golden Dragoon.

It is known that this huge man had a very soft heart. He loved children and the White-Silver Dragoon, Shirley. He died defending her from a Virage in Kadessa during the last battle of the Dragon Campaign. Belzac never knew that he failed to protect Shirley and lives on as a spirit because of that uncertainty.

When the heroes are going to Vellweb to free his spirit, he goes into a frenzy of disbelief where the player must defeat and free him. Upon defeat, he drops a Golden Stone.


Dragoon AdditionEdit

Main article: Kongol#Additions

Belzac is using the same Dragoon Additions as Kongol.

Dragoon MagicEdit

Belzac is able to use all the magic Kongol can use, which means he can use "Meteor Strike", "Grand Stream" and "Golden Dragon".

Strategy Edit

Like Kongol he takes a lot of magic damage use your heavy magic users and use equipment that boost your MP and your MA. Another thing he has in common with Kongol is his physical attacks are strong so make sure your physical defense is boosted too. And when it comes to fighting any dragoon you might want to level out your SP levels with who ever you are using to unlock the special dragoon evolution to make his attacks weaker.


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