Beastie Dragon
Beastie Dragon
Location Element
Mountain of Mortal Dragon Wind
US 336
JAP 420
110 US 33
JAP 11
Attack Defense Counter
80 130 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
48 90 50
Item dropped
Total Vanishing (8%)

Beastie Dragon is a wind element creature of which is located within the Mountain of Mortal Dragon.


This opponent looks similar to a smaller and skinnier, more dragon shaped bodied version of Feyrbrand without the extra legs, and an actual set of wings. It is a baby wind element dragon.


This creature isn't all too difficult, however, it can change the tide of battle. It usually isn't faught alone, so it is essentially the enemy teams sabateur, inflicting Status Ailments upon characters while other enemies finish up with your characters. Magic is more effective against this creature, especially earth element spell items since that is it's weakness element.

  • Bounce - Walks towards a single opponent and bites them dealing medium physical damage.
  • Black Mist - Deals medium magical damage towards a single target of which can inflict Fear upon hit.
  • Sweet Mist - Deals medium magical damage towards a single target of which can inflict Bewitchment upon hit.

Encounter rate: Common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Beastie Dragon.

  • Beastie Dragon
  • Beastie Dragon x2
  • Beastie Dragon + Deadly Spider


This creature can drop the item Total Vanishing with a rare probability of 8%. The item can be very useful if used properly since it destroys individual minor enemies instantly. You will probably obtain at least one before leaving this area, but even if not, the amount of time it takes to get one isn't really worth it unless you have a specific reason to obtain these. This will take averagely 45 minutes or more to obtain, however, varies per person and their luck.


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