Beast Fang
Price 250
Attack 31
Effect Chance of Stunning opponent
Buy Queen Fury
Found Kazas
Drop Lizard Man (2%)
User Haschel

Beast Fang is a weapon that only Haschel can use. It can be found in a treasure chest in Black Castle at Kazas. It can also be dropped by a Lizard Man with a 2% chance or bought on the Queen Fury. Beast Fang has a chance to stun enemies.


Stun is arguably one of the better effects that can be caused by a weapon. One of the greater advantages of stun is its ability to change the pace of the battle. As an example, if at Zenebatos and facing a Professor and a Guillotine the Professor can be stunned stopping any status ailments he might cause. While it is stunned the party can take care of the Guillotine.


Description Location
The first place the Beast Fang can be attained is from the Lizard Man in Nest of Dragon. He has a 2% chance of dropping it after battle.
Lizard Man
Beast Fang is also located in the Black Castle in the small room east of the main elevator.
Black Fang, Black Castle
The final location for Beast Fang is the weapon store on the Queen Fury.