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Barrens 1

The Barrens(荒れ地, Arechi) is an area of rocky, sand-strewn canyons and rock outcroppings north-west of Fletz. An exit to the right of the screen leads north to the exit to Donau; the left screen exit, east to the Valley of Corrupted Gravity.


Chapter 2: The Platinum ShadowEdit

Chasing a ShadowEdit

The claw-handed Mappi and other similarly armed members of the Gehrich Gang attack the party here; due to their speed and surprise attack, control of the Red Dragoon Spirit is temporarily lost.


Warrior Dress
Total Vanishing
Recovery Ball


Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP
Arrow Shooter Earth 176 210 32 24 8
Earth Shaker Earth 200 250 48 15 5
Frilled Lizard Earth 132 160 36 21 7
Scissorhands Earth 80 100 40 18 6
Stinger Wind 64 80 38 12 4


  • On the opening screen, if you watch the top, you can see some kind of large bird like creature fly across the sky.


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