Bale (王都ベール, Ōto Bēru, "Imperial City Bel") is the capital of Basil, the northern area of Serdio.


The city of Bale resembles a city during the renaissance in autumn. The roofs are topped with what appears to be clay tiles while the base of building are often composed of stone. The entire city has a "wave" design to, which is most evident in the metal workings of the city that bend or curve in an unusual fashion. Bale's look is in contrast with the look of Kazas which is more industrial.


Chapter 1: The Serdian WarEdit

Breakout from HellenaEdit

When Dart and company arrive at Bale, Lavitz says that they need to go see King Albert first and tell him about Feyrbrand and the Imperials advance into Basil. Once at Indels Castle Dart asks if Shana can stay at the castle out of harms way. Albert explains that it is not possible because of the dragon. Dart retracts his request and asks Minister Noish about the Black Monster.Noish explains that most if not all information about the Black monster was destroyed during a fire. Instead he tells them about the Dragon Campaign that took place 11,000 years ago. A soldier walks in and tells Albert that the war meeting is ready to begin. Albert suggests that Dart and Shana enjoy the veiw in the adjacent room. Shana hastely excuses herself and Dart does the same to follow her.

On the veranda Dart and Shana wonder how Seles is. Lavitz enters and explains that the town is well and they will be able to rebuild once the war is over. He then reveals that Sandora is readying itself to attack Hoax using the dragon and he plans to head there to maintain the battle line. Dart then becomes determined to go with Lavitz to end the war before carring on with his journey. Shana also says she wants to go. Lavitz says that Bale has shops where they can gather supplies and stay at his mother's home.

Light moment in Bale

Lavitz showing Dart his "treasure", the beautiful view of town Bale.

At Lavitz's home his mother confuses Shana for Lavitz's new bride. He quickly explains that she is Darts sweetheart. Saddened, Lavitz's mother tells Dart that he needs to speak up next time and tells Lavitz that he needs to find a girl like Shana. She continues to ask if he would be staying for the day but tells him to at least have lunch if he couldn't stay. Shana offers her help in making lunch. While the women make lunch Lavitz gives Dart a tour of his home. When they make it to the library Lavitz shows Dart his "treasure". He moves the ladder to the window and invites Dart to the roof. On the roof is a perfect view of Indels Castle. Seeing this view every day Lavitz grew up hoping to be an admired knight like his father. Lavitz compares his desire to protect his country to that of Dart's desire to protect Shana. Some one calls from below and tells them that the food is ready. When they finish their meal they prepare to go to Hoax .


Weapon ShopEdit

Weapon Shop Price
Bastard Sword 60
Sparkle Arrow 50
Scale Armor 50
Leather Jacket 50
Sallet 40
Poison Guard 200
Panic Guard 300
Stun Guard 200
Bravery Amulet 300
Knight Shield 200

Item ShopEdit

Item Shop Price
Healing Potion 10
Angel's Prayer 30
Mind Purifier 20
Body Purifier 10
Spear Frost 10
Meteor Fall 20
Charm Potion 4



In the well outside Lavitz' house. Bale stardust 1
Bucket of spears in the Weapon Shop. Bale stardust 2
Inside a fireplace on the first floor of Indels Castle. Bale stardust 3
The top left music room on the third floor of Indels Castle. Bale stardust 4
When riding the boat, choose to get off when given the option near a door. Go through the door and search the barrels at the north end of the room. Bale stardust 5
Inside the kitchen of Lavitz' house. Bale stardust 6



  • Bale is the first town visited by Dart to have all four town features - Item Shop, Weapon Shop, Clinic and Hotel. Its hotel is also the cheapest, costing only 10G per stay.
  • Bale is the capital of Kingdom of Basil, the other capital in Serdio being Kazas, the capital of Imperial Sandora. Bale is located in the northmost part of Serdio while Kazas is located in the southmost part of Serdio.
  • Like Fletz in Tiberoa, town of Bale is surrounded by rivers.
  • There is a underground jetty under Indels Castle. It can only be acessed via sewer and to do this Dart has to buy Good Spirits from the nearby inn and give it to Dran, who was drunk and blocking the way to unblock the sewer entrance. The sewer is located under the big fountain in the main street.
  • Bale is one of the temporary staying place for Martel.
  • There are four castle in Endiness, Crystal Castle of Deningrad in Mille Seseau, Twin Castle of Fletz in Tiberoa, Indels Castle of Capital Bale and Black Castle of Kazas in Serdio.
  • If Dart enters the first house on the street and talk with the girl inside, the girl will ask if she could paint Lavitz's Portrait, which Lavitz says yes and Dart reluctantly waits for the portrait to finish. You can get a goods item called Lavitz's Portrait.
  • When you reach Tiberoa, you can go back to Bale. A lot of people in Lavitz's hometown will discuss him as they have heard about his death. If you go to his old house to visit his mother, you will find out she's living with other people (who are probably the family that you met at the Prairie). At one point, one of them says that even though Lavitz is gone, Dart is still considered family.