Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon
Location Element
Mountain of Mortal Dragon Thunder
US 240
JAP 300
100 US 27
Attack Defense Counter
56 140 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
56 80 60
Item dropped
Mind Purifier (8%)

Baby Dragon is a thunder element creature of which is located within the Mountain of Mortal Dragon


They appear as short green dragons that stand on two legs, with very short wings and a tail. Their head is spikey and their stomach appears yellow, and armored.


Baby Dragon has low health and magical defence so using spells, preferably attack all spells since they usually travel in groups of three would suffice. Their element is Thunder therefor they have no elemental weakness. They begin using their tail or fire element breath attacks which each deal medium damage at best. As they get weaker, they begin to use Status Ailment attacks such as inflicting Fear or Dispirit upon single targets. In general it should be pretty straight forward, and you should be capable of defeating them quick enough to not regret it, however, you should still bring some Mind Purifiers just in case.

  • Dragon Tail - Flies towards a single target and slashes them with it's tail.
  • Anger of Dragon - Breathes upon a single target, dealing medium fire element magical damage.
  • Cry of Dragon - Roars upon a single target, dealing medium magical damage and inflicting Fear upon hit.
  • Sorrow of Dragon - Roars upon a single target, inflicting Dispirit on hit.

Do note that this creature is capable of evading attacks with a givin probability.

Encounter Rate: Uncommon

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Baby Dragon.

  • Baby Dragon
  • Baby Dragon x3


This creature can drop the item Mind Purifier with a rare probability of 8%. The item on it's own isn't special and can be purchased for 20 gold anywheres, however, if you did not bring any with you on your journey here, they may prove to be beneficial. Trying to farm these if you need them and don't want to return to town isn't recommended since it will take a while, averagely 20+ minutes to obtain one. This varies per person and their luck.


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