Arrow Shooter
Arrow Shooter
Location Element
Barrens Earth
US 176
JAP 210
32 US 24
Attack Defense Counter
37 100 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
37 100 60
Item dropped
Bemusing Bow (2%)

Arrow Shooter is an earth element monster of which can be located within the Barrens.


This creature appears as a centaur with a strap along it's chest and wields a bow and quiver, as well a helmet for protection.


True to its name, three of the four attacks of which this creature can perform are indeed with it's bow. This creature switches attacks based upon it's remaining health, and so in order it's attacks consist of: Poison arrow, Thunder arrow, and Detonate arrow. Poison arrow is an on hit attack, so it will have a 100% chance to inflict poison ontop of it's normal damage delt, the same can be said for it's Thunder arrow attack except instead of poison it inflicts you with stun on hit. Detonate arrow has the same exact effect as Detonate rock except it comes from an arrow, wide attack hitting all targets doing medium damage.

  • Muscle fist - Runs towards a single target and punches them dealing normal to low damage.
  • Poison arrow - Arrow attack inflicting poison on hit towards single target.
  • Thunder arrow - When health halved, arrow attack inflicting stun on hit towards single target.
  • Detonate arrow - When health critical, shoots Detonate rock dealing medium damage to all targets.

This creature isn't really difficult for it's damage, but if you keep some Body Purifiers with you, it should be a rather quick battle. Do not let it stay alive with critical health either, being spammed by Detonate arrow can be taxing on you.

Note Detonate arrow is also a very powerful weapon that you can obtain at the very end of the final disc near the final encounter that does exactly what Arrow shooter's does, shoots detonate rock at all targets.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter an Arrow Shooter.

  • Arrow Shooter 
  • Arrow Shooter + Frilled Lizard


Upon defeat, it can has the very rare 2% probability for dropping a Bemusing Arrow. This is only equipable for Shana or Miranda and so if you do not use these characters, there is simply no need to retrieve this item. Since this can be bought later on in this disc at Fueno , might as wait if you don't need it. With a 2% chance, you are looking at roughly an hour or more, although as always that varies from one person to another and their luck.


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