Aqua King
Aqua King
Location Element
Magic City, Aglis Water
US 640
JAP 800
135 US 30
JAP 10
Attack Defense Counter
76 120 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
73 160 70
Item dropped
Angels prayer (8%)

Aqua King is a water-element based monster of which is located within The Magic City, Aglis.


Aqua King appears as some sort of merfolk, wielding a trident. It is the much stronger cousin to Merman. This humanoid has several fins sticking out from all over its body and gills all over. This monsters eyes are yellow and skin is a type of red with but two exceptions being its underbelly and its fine which are both silver.


You should note immediatly that this monster cannot attack, although it has a move called Stab, it will never use that. Instead it will only use both Physical and Magical Attack Barrier, also Power Up. So be prepared to combat with both physical and magical attacks. It cannot have both active simultaneously.

An enemy that cannot attack sounds great, however, an added benefit to this opponent is that you can grind your Additions on it once it enters a physical attack barrier which it does most often. Although it takes patience and time, it could be worth it especially if you defeat any other enemies with it, after all even some such as Spider Urchin could still attack back.

  • Stab - Actually, it can't attack.
  • Physical Attack Barrier - Becomes immune to all physical attacks for the duration of a turn.
  • Magical Attack Barrier - Becomes immune to all magical attacks for the duration of a turn.
  • Power Up - Increases both the physical and magical attack power as well as defence of itself for the duration of three turns.

Encounter rate: Uncommon

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter an Aqua King.

  • Aqua King 
  • Aqua King + Scud Shark
  • Aqua King + Minotaur


Upon defeat, this monster may drop the healing item Angel's Prayer with a rare probability of 8%. This healing item is for obvious reasons very useful, although grinding to obtain it if you are need of it will only be counter-productive. This item can be purchased for 30 gold. The average amount of time to obtain this item is roughly 15 minutes. As always, this varies per person.


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