Air Combat
Air Combat
Location Element
Moon That Never Sets Wind
US 1,080
JAP 1,350
456 US 33
JAP 11
Attack Defense Counter
105 160 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
86 120 50
Item dropped
Down Burst (8%)

Air Combat is the only wind-element based monster of which can be located within The Everlasting Moon, otherwise known as The Moon That Never Sets.


Air Combat is a type of dragon, more specifically a Wyvern, and it is the much stronger cousin to a monster of the same name. It has two very large wings of which each easily proves greater in size than that of its own body, they are also a type of green / grey in color. Its body is brown, unlike its grey counterpart and its eyes are light blue. Do note, this is one of the few monsters in the game without red eyes. It has massive spikes upon the tops of each wing, three large spikes at the tip of its tail, massive talons and a spiky head.


This monster isn't quite powerful, however, it enjoys spamming All-out Attack more frequently the lower its health decreases and that can be a huge game changer due to its massive physical damage dealing potential. Standard attacks are average if anything and its health seems to be fairly low, even with its high physical defence it can still be taken down relatively quick, however, it is very recommended to use spell items or magic against this opponent due to its ridiculous magical defence. To maximize magical potency, use earth-element spell items, to hit at its elemental weakness for bonus damage. When they use Charging Spirit be cautious considering it means the next turn is a 50% chance of using All-out Attack.

  • Sharp Edge - Flies towards a single target and smashes them with its spike tipped tail, dealing medium physical damage.
  • All-out AttackFlies towards a single target and smashes them with its spike tipped tail, dealing massive physical damage.
  • Charging SpiritIndicates that it is going to use either of the two aforementioned attacks

Do note, this monster may evade your attacks with a given probability.

Encounter rate: Uncommon

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter an Air Combat.

  • Air Combat
  • Air Combat x2


Upon defeat, this monster may drop the spell item Down Burst with a rare probability of 8%. This is the most potent wind-element spell item and so it will prove to be very useful against Triceratops or most monsters on The Divine Tree. The average time required to obtain this is roughly 10 minutes. As always, this varies per person.


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