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Aglis 1
Aglis, also known as the Magic City, is a magical city, like all Wingly cities once flying, and now sunken off the coast of Haschel's home town of Rouge. Its magic seals out the ocean; the whole of the cityscape lies in a vast bubble of air beneath the water.


Chaper 4:Moon and FateEdit

City of MagicEdit

Wingly society did not content itself with the magical powers it already had, but studied magic further. The entire city of Aglis was devoted to learning more about the principles and practice of magic.

By the time the party visits it, the magic of Aglis and its inhabitants have dissipated. Wards once existed to keep monsters outside the city, but the wards have faded, and the monsters harass the party as they move through the city's maze of teleporters.

Savan is the last of the remaining Winglies in Aglis, who set himself the task of collecting Wingly magical knowledge, and protecting the Signet Sphere with the help of the Last Kraken and his magically animated automatons. His magical mirror is capable of viewing distant locations and events. 7000 years ago, Rose's struggle to keep the God of Destruction at bay came to his attention, and it inspired him to carry on his work, which culminated in the creation of the Psychedelic Bomb (an attack item given to the player) and Moot, with which he intended to seal off the Moon That Never Sets.


Repeatable item: Psyche Bomb X
It is possible to miss the Psyche Bomb; once the quiz is answered, leave the room and find it in a room two doors down


200 Gold
200 Gold
Angels Prayer
Angels Prayer Chest
Burn Out
Burn Out Chest Aglis
Gushing Magma
Gushing Magma Chest Aglis
Healing Breeze
Healing Breeze Chest Aglis
Healing Fog
Healing Fog Chest
Healing Rain
Healing Rain Chest Aglis
Magical Hat
Magical Hat Chest
Sun Rhapsody
Sun Rhapsody Chest Aglis
Moon Serenade
Moon Serenade Chest

Monsters Edit

Random encounterableEdit

Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP
Aqua King Water 640 800 135 30 10
Jelly Water 640 800 120 24 8
Minotaur Earth 960 1,200 180 48 16
Scud Shark Water 400 500 150 39 13
Stern Fish Water 935 1,070 165 54 18

Boss encounterableEdit

Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP
Last Kraken Water 12,000 15,000 12,000 300 300
Cleone Water 1,360 1,700 0 0 0


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