There are 49 accessories in The Legend of Dragoon, some can only be found in certain locations. They are usually found in treasure chests and won in battle. Accessories are used to enhance a characters stats or simply prevent abnormalities or even death. Here is a list of them all.

Name Price Location Effect
Active Ring 200 Bale, Fletz, Lohan, Mayfil Avoids Dispiriting
Amulet - Martel (20 Stardust) Doubles maximum MP
Angel Scarf 5,000 Lohan Reduces magic damage by 50%
Attack Badge 1,000 Furni, Moon, Rogue Raises physical and magical attack power
Bandit's Ring - Home of GigantosDrake the Bandit, Gangster Raises speed by 20 (Males only)
Blue Sea Stone - Damia Reduces damage from water-based attacks by 50%
Bracelet - Initial N/A
Bravery Amulet 300 Bale, Deningrad, Fletz, Mayfil, Nest of Dragon, Phantom Ship, Zenebatos Prevents Fear
Dancer's Ring - Snowfield, Tower of Flanvel, Kadessa, Puck Raises speed by 20 (Females only)
Darkness Stone - Kamuy Reduces damage from darkness-based attacks by 50%
Destone Amulet 400 Deningrad, Evergreen Forest, Furni, Mayfil, Zenebatos Prevents Petrification
Dragon Shield 5,000 Lohan Reduces physical damage by 50%
Elude Cloak 300 Furni, Ulara Physical attack evade rate raised by 20
Emerald Earring 1,000 Fletz Gain SP when damaged physically
Fake Power Wrist 100 Kazas Raises physical attack by 5
Fake Knight Shield 100 Kazas Raises physical defense by 5
Giganto Ring 1,000 Moon, Rouge, Vellweb Raises physical attack and defense by 20
Golden Stone - Belzac Reduces damage from earth-based attacks by 50%
Guard Badge 1,000 Kashua Glacier, Moon, Rouge, Rocky Turtle Raises physical & magical defense by 20
Holy Ankh - Deningrad, Tower of Flanvel Revives from death, with a given probability.
Jade Stone - Syuveil Reduces damage from wind-based attacks by 50%
Knight Shield 200 Bale, Fletz, Fruegel, Flabby Troll Raises physical defense by 10
Mage Ring - Flanvel Recovers MP by 10% each turn
Magic Ego Bell 300 Fletz, Mayfil, Phantom Ship, Queen Fury Prevents Bewitchment
Magical Ring 600 Forest of Winglies, Moon, Ulara Raises magic attack by 30 points
Panic Guard 300 Lohan, Phantom Ship Prevents Confusion
Phantom Shield 10,000 Lohan, Faust Reduces all damage (physical and magical) by 50%
Physical Ring - Martel (10 Stardust) Increases maximum HP by 50%
Platinum Collar 1,000 Fletz, Succubus Get MP when physically damaged
Poison Guard 300 Bale, Fletz, Limestone Cave, Mayfil Prevents Poison
Power Wrist 200 Fletz, Lohan, Kongol (Hoax) Raises physical attack by 10
Protector 200 Deningrad, Fletz, Lohan, Mayfil Prevents Arm Blocking
Rainbow Earring - Martel (40 Stardust) Prevents all abnormal status
Red-Eye Stone - Firebird Reduces damage from fire-based attacks by 50%
Ruby Ring 1,000 Fletz Get SP when damaged by magic
Sage's Cloak 600 Ulara Physical and magic evasion raised by 20
Sapphire Pin 1,000 Fletz, Volcano Villude Get MP when damaged by magic
Silver Stone - Shirley's Shrine Reduces damage from light-based attacks by 50%
Spirit Cloak 300 Forest of Winglies, Ulara, Zenebatos Raises magic evasion by 20
Spirit Ring - Tower of Flanvel, Kazas Recovers SP each turn
Spiritual Ring 600 Forest of Winglies, Moon, Ulara Raises magic defense by 30
Stun Guard 200 Bale, Fletz, Marshlands, Mayfil, Phantom Ship, Queen Fury Prevents Stunning
Talisman - Valley of Corrupted Gravity, Phantom Ship Prevents Instant Death
Therapy Ring - Hellena (Second Visit), Tower of Flanvel Recovers 10% of maximum HP each turn
Ultimate Wargod 10,000 Lohan, Phantom Ship Makes Additions completely successful
Violet Stone - Kanzas Reduces damage from thunder-based attacks by 50%
Wargod's Amulet - Marshlands, Urobolus Increases physical and magical hit rate by 20%
Wargod Calling 1,000 Fletz, Lohan, Rouge, Kongol (Black Castle) Additions are done automatically, but damage and earned SP are halved. (Note: Does not increase addition level.)
Wargod's Sash - Martel (30 Stardust) Raises SP by 50%